Thursday, June 3, 2010

Structure Kits

Cornerstone Parkview Terrace

A workmate of mine 'Ross' (as opposed to Ross or Rossco from the Monday night crew) recently came to see me and offered to build a kit for me. I gave him the Cornerstone Parkview Terrace to build. I showed him the article from MRH on interiors during our get together and just expected to get the shinny plastic assembled kit back. The results were quite different see below.

Thanks Ross it came out great - the painting, floors and window treatments were a great surprise when you came the next time - it will be put in an appropriate place on the layout.

My scenery guru BJ added a few pastel highlights - can you pick the difference?

Commissary/Freight Transfer Building

Chris from the Monday night crew has been working on another kit - Cornerstone Commissary/Freight Transfer Building. His progress is shown below.

It was appropriately air brushed by BJ to cover the shiny plastic to provide the older building look - see below.

It is now ready to have the windows and interior completed.

Thanks Guys it all helps.

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