Sunday, November 27, 2022

November Update

Virtually nothing hobby related happened in November. I took leave from our Monday group as I have been sick and supporting our family on a number of matters. The only things are Model Railroad Craftsman have advised the final two PB-105 boosters have arrived and I have made a list of current outstanding tasks.


I received an email on 23 Novemnber to say the boosters and transformers tha have been on back order since August last year had arrived from NCE in USA. There was a price increase from $720 to $860 for the two sets.  I look forward to receiving them and completing the total upgrade to NCE equipment.

Outstanding Tasks 

That's it for now so until next time.....


Friday, October 28, 2022

October Update

 A very quiet hobby month again in October. I have been sick and supporting our family on a number of matters. The only thing I have done is produce some guidance information for the Hornertown Assistant Yard Master.  Other Monday round robin group members have held activites.

Hornertown Guidance

Feedback from the last session suggested that I provide some detail for the Assistant Yard Master to help understand the shunting activities - what tracks used and car destinations for the various trains.

Tracks for shunted cars

Destinations for cars on storage tracks

Stations serviced by local goods trains

Details mounted on fascia

Hopefully this will assist during future ops sessions.

Group Ops Sessions

There was two sessions that I did not attend but I was sent some pictures to share.


Peter held an Op Session on 10 October which was attended by Barry, Dennis, Don & Wayne. The reports were they had a good session followed by afternoon tea.



Barry & Don


Dennis & Wayne




Ross held an Ops Session on 17 October and Barry, Rosslyn and Don attended.  Again the reports were they had a good session followed by afternoon tea.

Barry checking shunt movements at Bugle Ranges

Rosslyn at Birkenhead

Giving Don's 500 a run

Don shunting at Willunga

That's it for now so until next time.....


Wednesday, September 28, 2022

September Update

A very quiet hobby month again in September. I held an operating session, travelled from Southern Cross Station in Melbourne to Sale & Back staying with Peter R who just happened to be sick, and I brought it home with me.

Operations Session 5 September

Well, the session did go better but I found I put myself under too much pressure and was constantly busy and I have decided that I need to further streamline what I expect to get out of a session.

I did have a scheduling mistake which caused a couple of issues in the main yard and feedback suggests that I need to provide additional information for the yardmaster and assistant at Hornertown.

The next session is scheduled for November, so I have a few weeks to get my act together. 

Thanks to Don for the videos and photos.

Wayne - Yardmaster at Hornertown

Yardmaster Wayne issuing instruction to Dennis

Ross and Rosslyn at Flintston

Me showing Dennis how to interpret the hidden staging cameras

Peter J at Huntington with Barry

Shunting at Stanvac

John Shunting at Jimtown

Ross and Barry at LeMaistre Loco

Here is a short video of some trains moving...

Southern Cross Station

I rode in a Velocity set from Southern Cross Station, Melbourne to Sale to see Peter R.

We had an invitation to visit Bill Black but unfortunately Peter wasn't well, so we didn't leave Sale for the whole week.  It would have been nice to catch up with Bill again, but the moons did not align this time.

That's it for now so until next time.....


Wednesday, August 24, 2022

August Update

 A very quiet hobby month in August due to my wife and I travelling to Darwin on "The Ghan" and spending a week in Darwin and other family commitments. I did however get some more planning for Session 2 done and I attended an operations session at Picardy.

The Ghan

Kaye & I travelled to Darwin on the Ghan in Platinum Service stopping at Marla, Alice Springs, Katherine along the way.  We had a nice experience with exquisite food and excellent wines. We stayed on for another six nights too.


Darwin Terminal

New Session 2 - Version 4

The concept plan has been done and the traingraph prepared ready for critical review.

Once the critical review has been completed I will develop all the other paperwork.

Ops Sessions

On 1 August I attended Ross's along with Barry Chris and Rosslyn and we ran his Picardy layout.  Ros is gradually introducing some structured operational elements which increases operating satisfaction for me.  I can report we had fun and enjoyed afternoon tea afterwards.

Ross directing operations

Barry having crib while operating Adelaide

Chris and Rosslyn operating Yarrara

Rosslyn working Yarrara and Chris Birkenhead

Here is a short video of aome of what we operated.

That's it for now so until next time.....