Saturday, November 25, 2023

November Update


quieter month activities have included New Locos, Website update, Ops Sessions, Tasks Completed in last 30 days & Scheduled Tasks for next 90 days.

New Locos

I placed my order back in April 2022 and they have finally arrived.


Speed Matching

After 3 hours running in on the layout I let the motors cool then into the workshop to set the speed tables to match my stanfdard speeds.

On the rollers

Running the speedometer test

Setting the Acceleration & Brakes

Ensuring they match existing locos.

Placed into Service

On the ready track in LeMaistre Loco

Loco Cards

Website Update

I have updated the Hornertown Shunts section which can be found here

My Ops Sessions on 6th

This was the first run of session 7 and Don, Dennis, Hugh, Peter J, Peter R and Wayne joined me.  For the first time things went reasonably well until I relased a train into the system about 20 minutes early....  I was pleased with the outcome and I believe we all had some fun without too much frustration.

Ops Sessions at Wayne's

I was invited to two sessions this month however due to medical and other commitmenst I could not attend either.

Wednesday 8th

Alan, Des, Don and Ross joined Wayne.  I decided not to attend as I had only been home a few days.  Don set me some phots taken diring the session.

Here is a short video

Thursday 27th

Dennis, Des, Peter J and Ross joined Wayne.  Thanks to Peter J for taking a few photos.

L>R Peter J, Dennis, Wayne, Des & Ross

Ops Sessions at Chris's

I was invited but it clashed with the airconditioner technician coming to service our three split systems and daignose a problem with the main unit.  Don, Peter S, Ross & Rosslyn joined Chris.  Don held a impromptu clinic on consisting using a Roco MultiMaus using CV19 consisting (same process for Lenz or Fleischmann).

Select Loco for consisting > (Ensure POM mode) CV Modify > 19 > "Consist Address" then back to Loco then select next Loco and repeat steps.

Here are some photos Ross & Don sent me and I compiled a short video from what Don sent me too.

L > R Don Peter S & Chris

L > R Rosslyn, Peter S & Don

L > R Ross, Rosslyn, Peter S & Chris

Tasks Completed in last 30 days 

Scheduled Tasks for next 90 days

That's it for now so until next time.....