Friday, October 30, 2020

Aug - Oct


There has been some modelling activities this period the first time for some months... The last 3 months activities included clearing the Trainroom, DecoderPro updates, Tool trolleys, Motors, Blue Box U28C Upgrade, PSX settings modification and Ops Sessions.


This is getting much closer to normal now most of the items moved during the flood have gone now.

Looks like I will be able to do the reconfiguration for the new booster soon.

Huntington Backdrop

I asked Peter J if he would assist with repairing the water damaged backdrop.  I am very pleased with his work.  I asked him what he was going to do and I was told "artists just create - no plan".  It reminded me of the engineering v's artist debates I used to have with BJ.

Peter at work....

Progessive images

The finished product

Well done Peter it looks great!

DecoderPro Upgrades

Don "lost" his SprogII as part of a Windows 10 update and that was the catalyst needed to also upgrade the version of DecoderPro to the current release - JMRI 4.20.  This also incorporated the newer decoder definitions some of which have been fitted by members of our round robin group.

Once I did Don's I decided to update my three laptops where it was loaded and I also updated Wayne's trainroom stand alone laptop bring the way out of date Windows 10 version up to the current version (including reinstalling the SprogII drivers) along with updating Java before upgarding DecoderPro.

New Tool Trolleys

Well Super Cheap Auto has a sale which included a service trolley so I got one as I think it will serve me well.

Ikea had these - thanks Wayne for the tip off...


I have always used Mashima motors for motor upgrades and they do a great job,  I saw these motors on eBay  Three units cost me $AU17.88 which is far cheaper than an equivalent Mashima motor.

I will convert an old Blue Box Loco to use one of them to see how they perform.

U28C Blue Box Loco Upgrade

Somewhere between 20 and 30 years ago I bought a PRR U28C from Don.  I have stripped the loco down and will rebuild with one of the new motors, a Tsunami AT-1000 FDL-12 decoder, sugar cube speakers and LED lights.

Ralph DeBlasi has a video on his Ralph DeBlasi's Lehigh Valley - Wyoming Division facebook page  that shows a method for polishing the Athearn sintered wheels for better conductivity.

Polished on left and as it comes left

Truck reassembled

PSX Changes

We have had a repeatable shorting problem at Waynes with the yard shunting locos and after some research we discovered how to adjust the sensitivity as his version of the PSX & PSX-AR's as his have the upgraded firmware to allow program changes.

We used the method described by Streamlined Backshop in this article.

The problem is now gone and the this was proven at the next operating session - and it did work!

Ops Session at Wayne's

There was three sessions during this update's timeframe. and I made it to two  Wayne has used the time to change from USA prototyes to Australian,  He has sold the majority of  the locos and rolling stock we used to run and replaced most of it with Australian locomotives and rolling stock.  He has put his covid spare time to good use.

24th September

The first session for 2020 and Peter J and Des joined Wayne and I for the session which lasted about 2 1/2 hours.  We all had to adjust to the changed car types and Wayne's new rule of all uncoupling to be done by pick or similar - NO Five Finger uncoupling or car movements.  I forgot to take some photos....

14th October

Hugh, Murray, John, Wayne and I had a good session.  The scheduling clerk had a few issues as the operators followed the new job cards perfectly and we had some movements in places they should not have been.  Back to the drawing board to revisit the train graph and the fixed the paperwork! Good luck with that Wayne...

Murray, Hugh and John at work
John working Lowwood Crossing

Forign roadname whilst awaiting delivery of new motive power
My first assignment

The clerk checking out the train graph to see why things weren't quite right!

A run by...

That's it for now so until next time.....


Tuesday, July 28, 2020

April - July

There was no modelling activities this month but we have moved back home after our temporary accommodation being extended to 26 June..  I have been looking at the damage to Huntington which I hope to address next month.


This is its current state all the moveable buildings, scenery, locos and rolling stock are in storage in the trainroom.

Roundhouse in Hornertown yard

Silos in Loco LeMaistre


The contractors re-installed but....

Tress uprooted

Despite covering it all up some were damaged


Water stains from seepage when cavity filled with water.

New Booster

Well I have the new booster!

Once the trainroom has been sorted out I will undertake the wiring changes and install it!


So much stuff got dumped by the contractors...

That's it for now so until next time.....


Monday, March 30, 2020

March Update

There was no modelling activities this month but movemet on that new booster...

House Flood

Our temporary accommodation has been extended to 30 April at this stage and repairs are still to commence.  We are just in the "queue" following all those affected by bushfires, storms and flood.

New Booster

I made another telephone call to Canada...


Progress at last!

The suppliers "Notes on Order:

Roco is in stock. We will ship when the LE-22102 arrives as requested. Should be in our August shipment.
Switched the 22102 over to the new one 22103. May be a slight price adjustment, not sure.
Upon investigation, staff told me that the 22103 had come in but it was never entered on the website and thus the two we're not put together with your order. The price is $264.95 CDN vs. the old one so I made it 259.95 CDN. Sorry for this miscommunication."

Now it is awaits customs clearance in Melbourne Australia

Australia Post most recent update:

International arrival - awaiting clearance


Date & timeTue 24 Mar • 10:59am

Well when we finally get home I will be able to install the new booster!

That's it for now so until next time.....


Friday, February 28, 2020

February Update

This month activities I built rolling stock kits and that new booster...

House Flooded

Pack out of contents now complete, building works should commence soon which will be followed by contents reinstatement.  Our temporary accommodation has been extended to 30 March.

Blue Box & MDC Kits

I have had these for decades so with not much to do I built them.  All bogies repelced with Proto 2000 bogies and meta wheels.

Each piece weighted correctly - lead shot
Each piece weighted correctly - tire weights

Coupler clip mounting drilled and tapped ten 2-56 screws installed

White glue drying

Missing part scatchbuilt

Acetate sheet added to all windows

New Cars awaiting car cards

New Booster

It is still on back order......................

I guess it is time to make another telephone call to Canada...

That's it for now so until next time.....