Thursday, October 6, 2016

USA - San Diego - Jim & Rosslyn

Well the "train" (model and 12" to foot) related activities continues...


We traveled from Los Angeles to San Diego on the Amtrak "PACIFIC SURFLINER".

When we arrived in San Diego we disembarked and found some maps and got some bearings.

Visit to Duncan McRee’s

Duncan McRee invited us to visit to look at his Donner Summit layout, have a cold beer and enjoy a BBQ!

Duncan also has a module for the North Pacific Coast On3 layout too.

We meet Duncan’s wife Janice, his Son and  Jack Eiermann over a lovely BBQ tea containing succulent beef skewers, vegetable skewers and potato salad.

Modelling folk have probably heard of Tam Valley Depot – the home of the “Frog Juicer” - well that is Duncan’s company so we saw the workshop where they are produced along with his “Dead Rail & Servo Controller” products.

Thanks for a great evening Duncan!

San Diego Model Railroad Museum

We arrived early – 10 minutes before opening…

The Museum hosts a number of layouts of different scales O, HO & N our mecca is HO 1:87 however, the N scale layout was very very nice.  The museum is huge and has HO stuff on at least 4 levels that are all interconnected. The La Mesa Model Railroad Club layout represents the joint Southern Pacific/Santa Fe railroad from Bakersfield to Mojave, California of the 1950's. The current layout consists of the area from the Southern Pacific Bakersfield Yard through the famous Tehachapi Loop to Mojave Yard over 27,000 square feet.

Rossco and I were just blown away with the realistic nature of the Massive layout. Below is just a few of the many photos taken & we have video too!  After edit we think a number of train nights will be needed to go over what we did….

HO Layout

The first photo is what you are greeted with as you walk in…

This is just a taste of what is there….  We left at closing time….

I spent quite some time following a train owned and being run by Joseph Espinoza see the video below.

Here is some more footage of the HO layout which comes first before the O Gauge layout.

N Gauge Layout

I was invited inside the viewing windows and was able to take some very nice pictures..

This is just a taste of what is there….  Well worth spending at least one full day there...  We left at closing time….

When we left San Diego flew to Phoenix bound for Williams.

Stay tuned for the next installment!


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