Saturday, October 15, 2016

USA - Indianapolis Terry Terrance Tour & Illinois Railway Museum - Jim & Rosslyn

Well the "train" (model and 12" to foot) related activities continues...

We drove back to Indianapolis and checked-in to our hotel before Terry picked us up for the tour of three layouts he had organised for us.  Terry really wanted to show us some O scale stuff and he certainly organised some very nice layouts for us to see.

Warner Clarke

Warner's P48 Layout was beautiful.  He welcomed us into his home and down to the basement we went.  He proceeded to tell us “The Story” behind his layout whilst running some trains for us to see.

Thanks for receiving us and showing us your work Warner.

Jeff Lange

Jeff's O 1¼ layout was very nice and in and in a very nice space.

Thanks Jeff we saw a lot in a short time!

Jim Canter

In a word - wow what a layout I know why Terry wanted to take us there - A dream collection that has taken decades to be established.  The train room also has a mini golf curse!

Rosslyn was "Blown Away" when he came across the turntable!!

Thanks Jim for allowing us to come visit and see your fantastic collection.

A huge thank you must go to Terry Terrance for arranging and taking us around to meet Walter, Jeff and Jim it was a great afternoon and evening.

Illinois Railway Museum

We drove to Illinois Railway Museum through luscious country side with corn crops on both sides of the road. The Museum is on a huge piece of land so Rossco will get his exercise today as we stayed till just about closing time.

The museum has lots of interesting stuff but it is crammed into “Barns” (big sheds) with about a 1½ metres between items so taking photos was just about impossible.  There was a great ride on an old streetcar which we enjoyed and some stuff “rusting away” outside.

We had planned to go to Des Plaines Hobbies but as we stayed so long it did not happen.

The following video was taken on the tram ride we undertook.

And a few shots where there was space in the shed....

Stay tuned for the next installment!


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