Wednesday, August 31, 2011

August Progress - Onka River Valley

Panoramic view

These are taken looking North. The left hand side is west and the right east.

Looking up the valley to the North West

Looking up the valley to the North East

Looking to the East

BJ doing some "strata" work in the closest section

And the results!

Bridge Portals

The "Hill" between Onka Valley and Adamsville

The initial idea looked simply "wrong" BJ and I had a number of discussions and the solution was to have a section "through" the side of the hill as part of the fascia. The reworked result is much better!

End of Part 6 - The final installment follows

Part 1 - Intro
Part 2 - Hornertown
Part 3 - Adamsville
Part 4 - Stanvac
Part 5 - Jimtown
Part 7 - Helix and Flintston

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