Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Work Continues


Last Monday night Bill and Chris drilled the framework then started installing the five mainline bus wires behind Flintston.

Chris followed up on Tuesday by commencing installing droppers on every length of each track.


Rossco continued with the quality assurance regime and checked the mainline on the top deck of the south wall then around behind Iron Hill - sorry Rossco I did not get any pictures...


On Monday night BJ and Barry continued with the ground cover to LeMaistre Loco approach which was glued down by the end of the night. They also fashioned styrene to form the basis of the cuttings where the tunnel portals will be fitted later on.

Ground cover and ballast was completed on the top deck along the southern wall from Jimtown towards Iron Hill.

On Tuesday BJ started gluing down the ballast on the mainline.

LeMaistre Control Panel

On Monday night Bill 2 and I tagged out the point indication wires. Bill 2 then started fixing the individual wires near to their termination points. On Tuesday I terminated the wires at the panel end.

Thanks Guys

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Iron Hill scenery begins +

Iron Hill

The concept for Iron Hill is an open cut mine leading up to the mine head which has a ore heap and storage bin which feeds a conveyor to the ore car loader. The old mine shaft and wooden mine head is in the background. See the concept sketch that BJ put together following our discussions.

Now lets take a look at the basic woodwork for the scenery to be constructed on.

The mine face

Three 16mm craft wood sections fixed to each other and the fascia of the top deck.

Storage area

Woodwork to which the retaining walls at the loading point and cut into the adjacent hill will be fixed.

Haul Road

Runs from the mine to the storage area.

Old Mine

Fascia Installation

The top deck fascia has been fitted to allow the "dirt" to be laid on which the ground cover and trees will be added in due course. The screw holes will be filled and then eventually will be painted black.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Scenery, Wiring & Control Panel work continues


More work has been undertaken by BJ this week in a couple of areas.

Top Deck

Dark Wash Applied

Depth was added to the base colours applied last week.

LeMaistre Loco Lead

Base preparations added to the joining section which joins up the lead to the Loco Depot built in BJ's garage whilst I was moving house.


Chris has been busy finishing off the dropper connections to five track bus wires in the Fleets Loop area.

LeMaistre Loco Control Panel

When LeMaistre Loco was built and wired before I moved to my new house the wiring standards for the new layout had not been fully defined. My previous layouts had no turnout position indication at the control panel. This was not included during wiring as the six wire strategy currently being used did not exist!

Having taken the decision to include this feature additional wiring is currently being installed. The pictures below show the work.

Control Panel

Additional Wiring

Keep up the good work guys!