Monday, May 17, 2010

More of the same this week

Upper Deck Control Panels

Turnout wiring to local control panels at Iron Hill and Stanvac was commenced this week. Chris pulled the wires and terminated at the turnout terminal strips and I terminated the other ends at the panels, terminated the AC power, installed the CD units and tested the turnout operation.

Chris wiring turnouts at Iron Hill

Rossco fine tuning the track work

Rossco continued the process of making sure the rail gaps at joiners were even and correct for the time of year - some rails needed shortening slightly to avoid summer expansion - copper sleepers were added where necessary at joints to ensure curvature is maintained at joints.

Barry trying Scenery

Barry has commenced the placement of styrene foam and the subsequent basic shaping of the proposed land form. His work is under the direction and watchful eyes of BJ my scenery guru.

Hunting Tunnel works continue

BJ added some more details around the tunnel mouth.

BJ in his "laid back supervising role"

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