Wednesday, October 5, 2011

September Progress - Summary

It has been a productive month visually as things have appeared in a number of areas this month. Some of my hired helpers we called upon for family duties taking them away from modelling assignments. Well the clean up of tools, spare equipment, scenery supplies amongst other things on the bottom level has commenced! A eight draw cupboard has been fitted under loco for storage, this required replacing one central support leg with one on each side.

Ross Lends a hand
Apart from his structure building which can be seen on previous posts he came to help work on the layout for a day and was given the task of mixing the vermiculite, patching mortar, hard plaster, cement mix (4,2,1,1) grout colouring and mixing with the correct amount of water to get Joe Fugate's "soft ice-cream" consistency. He did a great job of the eight loads we achieved during the day. You can see the results in the Daveyston and Flinston sections below.

Once again thanks for all your help guys....

September Progress - Summary
September Progress - Hornertown
September Progress - Daveyston
September Progress - Flintston
September Progress - Stanvac


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