Sunday, October 2, 2011

September Progress - Flintston

Yard Tracks, approach track, shunt lead, cement works lead and Huntington Branch bank

Well this month all the track has been laid in Flintston. Rossco assisted me with installing some turnout motors. The droppers, track bus and remaining turnout motors are outstanding.

ou can see the scenery progression at the Northern end of the yard below. It starts with some basic woodwork then the masking tape and the topping mix. A particular challenge is a hand made turnout in the approach track tunnel that I may want to provide access in case maintenance is required at a later date.

The access "hatch" to maintain the turnout should it be necessary in the future.

Northern Light & Power

A year ago in the October 2010 post I talked about Ross building the Cornerstone kit. It is now time to place it on the layout. The pictures show its location and the approach tracks.

Cement Works

The plan is to build a loading structure based loosely on the one in Dodge City, Kansas that I photographed on my work trip the the USA & Canada in 2008 .

The cement works is behind the "bank" carrying the Huntington Branch on its approach to Daveyston. See the scenery progression below showing the progression from benchwork to building blocks then masking tape landform to application of the top mix mentioned i the Intro.

Bigland Engineering

The platform and tracks have been installed and the structure (the white one on the left which looks like an engine house) comes from Bill2 - it was a mockup he made for his layout - but BJ will do his magic when finished you will not know the difference. Funny this method of construction was discussed on the Model Railcast Show #149.


The siz tracks have been installed between the platforms, The idea is that different products will be delivered to different platforms so the operating complexity will be high.

The last track (7th from the front) will become the piggy back loading facility.

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  1. What ever happened to the car accident?

  2. Some can - if the smoke function is on and the smoke fluid added. Some even have smoke "volume" controls!