Saturday, August 7, 2010

Update on progress

There has been a delay in updating the blog as my high speed broadband connection had died and it took ten days to get a technician to fix it! The earlier post was due to go up on the day it all went down.

Southern Wall

More ground cover and some trees added at the Iron Hill end adjacent to the lake. Photos start at the Jimtown end and traverse through to Iron Hill.


Track base cut to size and glued to the aluminum framework.

Power Station Building

Thanks to Peter Rees from Gippsland Victoria for the kit, Chris from the Monday night crew for construction and BJ for the weathering.

Iron Hill

Styrene foam has been fashioned for the area which has subsequently been covered with chux style kitchen wipes ready to be covered with plaster.


Two graphics below detail the Power Wiring to and from the main controller and boosters to the track areas. The "Occupancy Blocks" are monitored by "Block Watchers" to provide signal system inputs.

Power Booster 2 - Power District C

Wiring will includes a Digitrax PM42, two PSX's and two PSX-AR's to provide six power districts, two reversing sections and eighteen Block Watchers which provides the block sensing for the proposed signal inputs. This will be installed in the Helix area behind and to the side of the main control panel location.


Planning for the "town" backdrop has begun. The concept has been around for sometime - when the layout planning was done - the idea is to create depth through low relief construction on the raised section at the rear. A pedestrian bridge will be built to cross above the mainline and yard tracks to the front of the benchwork where the passenger terminal is to be located.

I have purchased a number of buildings from the "City Classics Collection" from Walthers and propose to use the building fronts backed by 12mm MDF to give depth. The leftover side walls will no doubt be kitbashed into other structures in the future.

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