Sunday, April 29, 2018

April Update

This month my has seen me doing: Car Card Boxes, Car Card Implementation, Car Sorting Racks, CD Units, WiFi Fast Clock Prototype, Adhoc Trainmasters TV Night and  Ops Sessions at Wayne's.

Card Card Boxes

This month I sanded, painted and installed my 22 card card boxes.  I have commenced the labelling at Hornertown but still have many more to apply.

Loco LeMaistre Steam and Diesel In/Out of service boxes

Staging (11 tracks) boxes

The first two of six boxes for Hornertown

The labelling has commenced.

Car Card Implementaion

Wayne came and gave me a hand to allocate the car cards to trains and yards and it took us most of a day to complete.

We found three shunt Locos and two reefers without cards and had one double up!

Card Sorting Racks

I have commenced building the sorting racks.  The experience at Wayne's has taught me it is better to have racks a bit larger than needed.

I hope to have the cut to length, painted and installed next month.  Provision will be made for train sets to be stored where permanent boxes are not installed as they don't fit in the sorting rack.

CD Units for Chris

With a few running sessions held it is apparent the existing strategy of only one CD Unit for each major yard did not meet requirements.  I developed a strategy to over come this where each yard was divided into three areas each with its own CD unit.

I have installed them and rearranged the control panel wiring to suit, so we will see how it goes at the next op session.

CD Units for Rosslyn

Well about 18 months ago Rosslyn asked me to procure the bits for building 8 CD Units.  The plan was that I would build 1 and he do the rest.  However, I had been working through some family issues and needed to get my mind off of it, so I just got stuck in and built them.

WiFi Fast Clock Prototype

I did a trial build of a WiFi Slave Fast Clock, one of four slaves I have "bread boarded".  I still need to build another three of these and the master unit.

Adhoc Trainmasters TV Night

With Chris & Don away trainspotting it left Barry, Derek and I for our Monday round robin so I decided to have an additional TMTV night.   Instead of me picking the content I asked them to look at the website and "pick" a few each..

We ended up watching five (memory a bit scarce here) videos and had a pleasant evening.

Ops Sessions at Wayne's

This month we had the pleasure of two sessions at Wayne's one an evening session and the other during the daytime.  I was slack and forgot to take photos.....

Monday Evening

This is one of the two sessions during the year that swaps the "sets" of sessions between the two daytime groups.  I did not take specific note of who was there - so from my scratchy memory - Barry, Chris, Don, Derek, Des, Ros,

4th Thursday

Barry, Peter S, Ros and I joined Wayne and we had a really nice ops sessions and completed all but the final shunt job at Dunkley Towers.  Once again I got to run a number of trains that I had not previously been exposed to. 

Till the end of May.....


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