Thursday, December 24, 2015

December Update

December has been a quiet modelling month for me as a significant amount of time has been spent preparing for a holiday in 2016 but I did a few things. RDC passengers, speed matching, E7, GS-4 & Doodle Bug modifications and the Xmas Dinner.

RDC Gets Passengers

Whilst the RDC was in the workshop for speed matching I added some passengers to give a better appearance.

Speed Matching Continues

Adjustments were made to my RDC, Three Truck Shay, E7, and the first of two MTH PA's having PS3 software.

MTH PA Speedmatch outcome
I was very wary of getting the MTH PA to "play" with other locos but I was pleased with the results. I got the most reliable programming using my Sprog III in Service Mode.

Proto 2000 E7 Modifications

I replaced another QSI V 6 decoder with a Tsunami - much better performance.

BLI Paragon 2 GS-4 Modifications

I have finished off the all the lighting wiring and it is all working Ok but I am not happy with the TCS motor control.  I will try tune it under load on the layout but may still have to swap out the decoder for a Tsunami to get the results I want.  This will be a post Xmas holiday job.

Doodle Bug Modifications

Years and years ago I bought this brass model but the spring drive continually slipped on grades giving unsatisfactory performance.  I stripped out the motor and drive assembly after I bought a "Black Beetle" powered truck.  I fashioned some brass strip for the Black Beetle mounting and cut away sections of the floor to allow the truck to swing.  I think I have enough bogie swing but the test run, which is still to come, will hopefully prove this.

I am fitting a Lok Sound V4.0 decoder which has the closest sound file to SP-2 which had a gasoline not diesel motor.

I removed the headlight jewels and drilled a 0.3 mm hole in the back of each light housing and the roof of the car at both ends then fitted 0602 white LED's with 0.010 wires. The created lenses with Krystal Klear and painted the lenses with Humbrol Yellow clear to get a golden colour. I cut several pieces of small evergreen PVC tube and glued to underside of the roof to form a sudo conduit.after soldering some resistors into the machine pins I soldered the 0.010" wires. Common +ve, F0(f) white  and F0(r) yellow connections then glued them to some evergreen strip which had been previously glued to the roof..

The brass side frames are being glued on with epoxy.

Still need running in and speed matching but it runs..

Xmas Breakup Dinner

In the Evening of Monday 14 December we gathered at the Imperial Prince Chinese Restaurant with our Partners, all nineteen of us, enjoyed each others company over a very nicely prepared meal accompanied by some local wines.

A nice "final gathering" for 2015.

Thanks must go to all who those with whom I participate in my hobby adventures as the compliments and constructive feedback is always welcomed.

Thanks must also go to all my followers who read  this Blog.

I hope all you have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Till the end of February 2016.