Tuesday, June 3, 2014

May Progress

The May update has been delayed due to the Grand Opening held yesterday!

During May shakedown activities continued with two operating sessions with 7 & 9 people and some further lessons were learnt.  One was a wiring issue where turnouts are operated from more than one location and another was the acceleration and deceleration rates of the locomotives to ensure smooth operations.

Grand Opening

Well 13 Operators, 6 Support staff and some VIP's attended!

The day went a treat, everybody who came were either early or on time. Thanks to the Operators Chris, Barry, Rossco (Ros from Oz), Pierre, Bob, Des, Wayne, Andre, Ross, Dave G, Andrew, Dave P & Peter. Thanks to the support team Don (video), Dave W (Camera) Catering team Kaye, Dave W, John & Carol.

2 1/2 hours of running with 6 people more than "comfortable numbers" in the layout room made for interesting operating conditions. The control system was loaded to the max and one booster reached maximum current draw. We ran 15 of the available 18 mainline train movements despite a few unexpected happenings.

Thanks to all that sent me well wishes.

Two Quotes from my Interstate VIP's...

Dave Parsons VIP from Sydney "WOW! Busy yards shunting cars and rushing mainline locos on a deadline made for action on the busy parts if the layout. The sounds of engines idling, impatient drivers waiting for clearance with horns sounding against the backdrop if crossing bells and train bells made made for an audio spectacular." 

Peter Rees my VIP from Victoria "It was interesting to see the intensity of operation and the carefully structured timetabling gradually deteriorate while that may sound bad it was made for an intense operating experience and the words I recall being said most clearly Stop Stop STOP STOP! - Overall a great experience."

When the video has been processed then a more details will be posted here.

After the Operating Session a great time was enjoyed by all of us devouring a scrumptious BBQ with salads washed down with beer, wine & soft drinks.  Well the recycle bin took a hit today receiving around a dozen wine bottles!

Final shakedown running sessions

Penultimate Monday 5th May

I now have a number of operators moving from "L's" to "P's" we seem to be getting better to what we do.

Congratulations to Pam who successfully ran her own trains for the first time.

There were a few lessons for me again relating to me trying to do too much and making a few mistakes on the main control panel the worst being throwing a turnout under the moving PFE splitting the consist! - Sorry Derek.

Overall we had a great session and the schedule and running strategy is close to what is required.

Last Monday 19th May

Thanks to Barry, Chris, Rossco, Pam, Bob, Pierre, Andrew, Wayne & Des for attending my running session.  I think the schedule and operating strategies are as robust as I can make them now.

In about two and a half hours we ran 12 separate train movements, supported by multiple yard operations and Loco operations to support those movements. Two movements were not attempted ad we had 1 operator that unable to attend due to family medical matters.

We felt sorry for Bob who copped a couple of turnout problems in Flintston which was not of his doing. I will make sure he has mainline work at the Grand Opening! I am pleased to report that Ross & Chris turned up the very next morning to make sure the issues were addressed - then a wall wart supplying a LED strip failed - must replace during maintenance next Wednesday.

The schedule we ran is below (Only the Interstate Passenger & Flintston Local - Flintston= Hornertown did not run).

Barry - Hornertown Yardmaster
Chris - Hornertown Yard Shunt

Andrew - Hostler Loco LeMaistre (with Chris)

L-R Rossco (aka Ros from OZ), Bob, Pam & Pierre

L-R Wayne & Des (in the crew lounge)

Gut Derailment!

Well the reefers kept biting the dust when shunting was done at Stanvac as the track is close to the edge and the middle age bulge intrude.  So a perspex safety panel had to be installed.

Control Panel Improvements

The shakedown feedback continues and suggested improvements are being implemented. Track directions showing East & West along with unnamed tracks being labelled.





Main Panels



Iron Hill

Hornertown East Control Panel

Work has commenced on wiring the last major control panel (Daveyston still remains tho).

Chris found himself back "under the layout" doing things he has done many times before.  The only comment was "where is Bob to give me a hand....".

This will not be finished before the opening tho.

Hornertown Passenger Station Lawn

Birthday Treats

I used my Walthers Birthday Discount to pick up some shipping containers.  I also assembled some Walthers Hayes Bumpers and Micro Mark Locomotive Rollers.

That's it for this month.

Thanks again to those that continue to help me achieve my ambitions and hello to all my followers!

Till the end of June.


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