Sunday, June 2, 2013

May Progress

This month's post is a bit late as my Dad and my wife's Dad have both been admitted to hospital in the last 10 days.
Slow progress again this month as my wife completed her rehab and we drove to the country (850 km round trip) to make sure her unit was clean and stocked for her return. I also spent a nine days away whilst going to Traralgon (165 km from Melbourne towards Sydney) see Peter's Blog. The Round Robin Group has been variable again with members away and having other commitments encroaching too.

However a few more things have been achieved and include work on Onka Valley,  Flintston Control Panel, Commissioning Flintston Yard and Trial Running.

Onka Valley

BJ has finally started the scenery (apart from the basic land form) the pictures tell the story...

Before the dirt colour...

Applying the dirt colour...

Dirt colour completed...

Now for "high country"...

Did you spot that the dirt colour is darker in some areas?

A light Indian Ink wash has been applied to get darker areas.  The trees and bushes await....

Flintston Control Panel 

The first double slip has had its bi-colour LEDs activated on the control panel.

Half of the additional wiring completed...

One double slip still remains to be converted - the live frog version that requires additional circuitry.

Commissioning Flintston Yard

Chris and I have commissioned the entire yard and the first trial shunt to check clearances etc has taken place.  I am pleased to report only one minor adjustment was required on one Warehouse track.  I am hoping to include yard shunts in the next trial operating session.

Trial Running

Two more shakedown sessions with operators from the Wednesday Round Robin Group were held this month.  I am still asking operators to record times to undertake shunting and running between locations. Those who took part included Bob, Barry, Ros & Chris and more valuable information was gleaned.

The list of glitches is diminishing as Chris has assisted me in adjustment tasks.

Iron Hill

During the trial running sessions I observed operators using the mainline locos to assist with shunting tasks. I will amend the operating sheets to include isolating the mainline loco siding.  Isolation switches have been installed for the Shunt loco s well.

First Full Operating Session

Invitations to the full operating session on 26th June have been issued. RSVP's are due soon!   I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the family issues don't derail the auspicious event.

That's it for this month.

Thanks to those that continue to help me achieve my ambitions and hello again to all my followers!

Till the end of June.


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