Friday, February 1, 2013

January Update

Welcome to my first post in 2013. In January we have seen school holidays which always impacts on modelling activities due to family commitments.  However there has been a small amount of activity, BJ & I did managed to grab one half a day together working on the layout.  Progress has been made in Onka Valley, Overhead lighting, Accessory Decoder Throttle, and amending the Lower Level Control Panel.

Onka Valley

We have seen scenery work recommence here...

Mountain Building

The humugas job continues.....

Not since November 2011 has this area of the upper deck see any attention.  It has been left to last as "we have been "dreading" the reaching to complete the work...

BJ applying the mix - I got the first couple of mixes a bit wet so BJ "filled" the bottom of the valley easily....  Sorry mate I was out of practice - the latter mixes were a lot better!  The progression is shown below.

See all the "filling" under the bridge in the foreground...  It still needs removal!  This line is currently "closed to operations".


The planning and drawing to "see how it will work" has been done some by BJ with some by me.  The intention was that BJ builds the "straight frames" and I do the "wide span" however after BJ saw what I had done I have the job of the basic frame and side bracing for the straight section too!

Scratch building my section on the bench

Test fitting the basic frame

Now to add some cross bracing and joint plate details

Ready for painting and weathering


My son Adam gave me a few hours this month so we fixed two more down light sections.

It will great when the remaining work is completed.

Accessory Decoder Control

I mounted the holder I obtained fro MicroMark for the MRC Controller.

Lower Control Panel

During lower level commissioning I discovered that I had an error on the panel as the "crossing loop" which allows changing between the inner loop sections of the folded dog-bone had not been developed properly. The turnouts did not operate as expected - so after drawing out each end and twisting the drawings back to a straight line the error was exposed so "an overlay" has been made to cover up!

The amendments to the panel wiring is still to be completed

Thanks to those that continue to help me achieve my ambitions..

Till the end of February.


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  1. Very nice work Jim. Truly an inspiration for me :)
    Do us all a favor and never stop making Blog posts like this!!! :)