Wednesday, February 1, 2012

January Progress

In this months progress report you will see details of work done in the following areas: Flinston, Picard Junction, the Helix Approach, Stanvac, Huntington, Lower Level Control Panel, Model Rail Radio informal session, helping a fellow hobbyist in Sweden, Rossco & Pam try Skype for participation in Model Rail Radio and my Ebay auction wins


Dropper and Bus terminations continued along with frog and turnout wiring.

Chris working away

and Bob "giving me the bird".

Picard Junction

Testing of turnouts has commenced on the bottom level so debugging has commenced where issues were found. I uncovered a design problem and an addition turnout control cable was required from the panel to Picard Junction. Chris is shown below doing the additional terminations.

Helix Approach

The debugging of the connection into the helix has commenced!

We found a major problem where grade transitions from the bottom section of the helix - I guess I must has rushed it! With help from Rossco we removed the backdrop and regraded the road bed by removing all existing fixings on the risers from the base board to the road bed and adjusted all heights from the base of the helix to start of branch on the bottom level - see below:

Inside the Helix

Re pinning the track outside the Helix

Testing after re-work

Other Problems identified were:

When we were testing in hot weather, trucks were derailing in a place where it had never happened - Murphy was at work! - we found a kink in the code 100 track due to heat and lack of expansion space - Dremel and cutoff wheel used to remove approximately 3mm of rail and it now works a treat - Rossco did a great job undertaking this work between adjacent levels in the helix!

We also found some ties in the helix about 2/3's of the way up that were lifting - direct pressure and glue were applied and this seemed to fix the problem.


BJ has been busy again doing a number of things.

Placing bushes next to buildings

Making the background tress "higher"

Installing another low relief building and scratch built water tank

Another hand me down from Bill2 has been "tarted up" by BJ and now has a place on my layout.

The new toilet block and water tank on stand

BJ has scratch built a toilet block that showing the inside half as the edge of the layout goes through the building!

I'm sure when the wives come and have their next look there will be some giggles!


When Tom Barbalet visited in December and when he was shunting ore cars in Huntington we discovered a problem in the ballasted track adjacent to the winery. The tedious repair work was undertaken by Rossco and rail painting and ballast reinstatement has been completed by BJ. Thanks guys - all the testing done since you did work has shown it seems to work perfectly!

Lower Level Control Panel

Well 45 turnout control switches to activate 54 turnout motors done in 3 banks: Bank "B" (23), "C" (14) & "D" (17)

With 5 wires per control switch having connections of: Solenoid1, Solenoid2, Frog, Rail A, Rail B. Rail A and B also have inline resistors at their LED connection on the switch leaf. The Solenoid Common are all commonly connected to the CD unit common return.

Preparing the first of the looms

Installation of the looms between the leaves commences...

All looms terminated!

Close up of switch leaf

Model Rail Radio

A bag of swag arrived from Tom Barbalet for the participants of the "South Australian Take Over Show". Thanks Tom!

Helping a fellow Model Rail Radio hobbyist

Anders Wirten from Stockholm had a wiring problems with some turnouts. He informed me that wiring anything just was a major challenge for him. He sent me some details of what he had done including some pictures above and below and I suggested a fix and it worked! Glad I could help you Anders.

You can see Ander's layout at the start of this video taken by Prof Klyzlr.

Rossco & Pam try Skype

Well following Tom Barbelet's visit in late December and Ros and Pam coming over to my place during the recording of Model Rail Radio Show #50 I spent an afternoon setting up their Laptop. This was followed by an evening of testing/learning me at mine and they at theirs.

Must have done something right as Rossco's (AKA Ros) participated in the recoding of Show #51.

eBay Auction wins

I think I did ok...


Figures for BJ to paint.

Painted figures.

More Painted figures both standing and seated.

Seated figures for use in passenger cars.


Tractor & Trailer

Once again I must thank all my helpers who continue to contribute towards the completion of the building component of my layout.


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