Wednesday, June 29, 2011

June Progress

Again not heaps to report this month only a few things have happened.

As stated for the last two months "I will be helping my daughter with some house renovations which will distract me for a few weeks so progress during May / June might be a bit slow....." Coupled with this was the recovery from having my bottom right back tooth extracted took considerably longer than I thought! Then there was helping my Daughter move....

On top of this my major helpers have had bouts of sickness but I'm pleased to report the seem to be getting better.

Hornertown Wiring

Droppers, droppers and more droppers....   36 turnouts and 75 lengths of track = 222 droppers apart from the extras for short pieces of track...  Then there is the double main at the back and front!  This has kept Chris, Bob and I busy.

The track bus wiring awaits along with turnout motor installation.

Hornertown East Yard

My work mate Ross and I spent a morning working out details for the flour mill which will combine three Cornerstone Centenial Mill Kits using both fronts giving a overall length between external side walls of 1480mm.  We constructed a backing to fix the wall sections to including reinforcing with a 19mm x 38mm PAR pine to stop flexing which he has taken home to finish the mounting.

The mill will sit behind the shunt main and three track coach yard.

Shelving under the layout

Last Monday night we installed two shelves to start the migration of "stuff" to under the layout so the bottom level can be made ready for commissioning.

Thanks must go to the Monday night crew, Tuesday crew and work mate Ross for their continued assistance.

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