Sunday, April 3, 2011

Jimtown, Adamsville, Iron Hill, Fleets Loop & Control Panels

Progress has been made in a number of areas during the second half of March. Thanks to all that have contributed especially BJ & Chris for the extra sessions.

The following details have been added since the last post: Track Markers, Water Column, Silo Office, Crates to the Freight Station and Farmer delivering milk to the Cold Store.

The Stanvac end of the yard starts to get its details. Grain Elevator, Silos, Water Tank and Run Down Building with broken windows and gutter starting to fall.

Iron Hill
Chris and BJ have been hard at work with ground cover and detailing Iron Hill. The sequence below shows the progressive approach to getting the basic cover and colouring. BJ has scratch built the ore loader from plywood, cardboard and evergreen plastic sections. Barry has build the conveyor sections that BJ has painted. I think the end result is great have a look below...

Ground Cover
The boys at work. Chris did the general ground cover and BJ followed up with larger materials, basic greenery and crushed iron ore.

After this BJ used his air brush to "wet down" the materials with the usual wetting solution and he had absolutely no blotches or runs and when the white glue solution was applied using the normal pipette method it flowed evenly without any "drop" impressions or "floaters". The whole wet down and glue process took BJ about 3 hours for the entire area pictured.

Ore Loader

The only structure that remains to be constructed is the storage hopper to feed the conveyor at the end of the haul road from the mine.

Below id BJ's mark out on the plywood from which it will be constructed.

Fleets Loop
Chris has been very busy wiring up the six points leading to and from the storage tracks at Fleets Loop. Chris and I also cut in the additional curved point for the Stirling Branch which leads to six hidden staging tracks.

Bottom view

Top View

Stirling Branch Turnout

Control Panels
I have been busy mounting switches and LED's in the face of the panel and marking up the back of the panel with the turnout designations.

Progress Photos


No ready for the long and tedious job of connecting the switches and LEDs to the terminal strips....

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