Sunday, March 13, 2011

March Happenings

Subjects for this update include: Joe Fugate's videos, Jimtown, Structures, Trackwork, Bottom Level Control Panel and Turnout Wiring & Testing.

Joe Fugate's Videos

BJ, Chris, Myself and the rest of the Monday night crew have been watching, at supper time, Joe Fugate's Siskiyou Lines Videos "Model Railroad videos 1-5" which we have found quite interesting.  The unique mushroom design is very innovative.  I have found Volume 4 in particular the construction of trestles informative.  I am thinking of using a similar method on a number of bridges on the approach to Daveyston on the Huntington Branch.

See a few screen shots below:

A great set of Videos. The "Model Railroad OPs Session Live no.1, 2, 3 & 4" ones and "HOT Trains Volume 1 - Alco Mania!" await!

BJ has been busy adding scenery details and structures, see below:

The approach from the bridge crossing coming from Stanvac Junction.

The cutting by the industrial side of town on the approach (sideways look at the center section of the photo above).

Another view of the cutting looking from the industrial side.

The main line and passing siding with the milk depot, freight station and silos before the bridge.

The silo office is still to be placed in the vicinity of the tree next to the silo.

The scratch built milk depot.

Marker posts on track to bridge.

A small cattle yard and loading ramp will be added between the fascia and the tracks.

BJ and Barry have been busy with scratch and kit building.

BJ commencing the scratch building of the Silo Depot Office.

Barry building more ore conveyor sections for the Iron Hill Loading facility - only 1 1/2 sections left to go of a total of nine sections (Bob in the background).

Rossco has been busy installing copper sleepers at non insulated rail joiner locations.

Bottom Level Control Panel

I have finally completed wiring all bottom mainline turn out wires back to the terminal blocks ready to receive the corresponding control panel devices.

Turnout Wiring and Testing
Bob (above) and Chris (below) doing final adjustments on the last two of the currently installed point motors/

Since this Chris has commenced terminating the eight turnout cables at Fleets Loop.

Thanks for all the assistance guys it is appreciated.

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