Sunday, February 20, 2011

First Post for 2011

This update covers: Holidays, Jimtown, Signals, Control Panel & Testing Power Blocks and Turnouts

Well the last half of December and most of January was a time away from the hobby. The exception was the endeavour with signals which did manage to progress a little. The Monday night crew, the Tuesday team and BJ all had a big rest. What with members kids transitioning to high school and starting the next stage of their lives and others having life return to normal again.

The Monday crew will be sharing their time more widely this year. More assistance to other members and the reintroduction of some more running nights. I have had the "lions share" for the last couple of years and I am more than happy to help other members.

BJ has commenced the ground cover around the industrial areas - factories and town centre. Industries will include: stock yard, milk depot, small silos and a general freight depot.

The larger trees have been installed with the small ones to come. Have a look at where we are at.



I have been spending some time working out a representative but not totally prototypical signal mast(s) that i can make for $5 Vs the commercial versions at $25-$35 each. I need about 70 signal masts both single and dual aspect 3 colour.

I will put up a separate post just on the signals later but here is a sneak peak.

Control Panel
Wiring of terminal strips for turnouts on the bottom level mainline continues. Space is becoming a premium.

Testing Picard Junction Power Blocks and Turnouts
We has one pair of droppers on the wrong block one connected to a PSX and the other to a PSX-AR this obviously caused some confusion. It had to be on a short section of track next to a cross over between the turnouts....

Chris and I spend the best part of two hours to find it - was just about the last place we looked at!

We also found a few more of my early attempts at putting accessory switches on not quite straight - too much binding - we changed them out and I'll rework the poor jobs.....

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