Friday, December 30, 2011

December Progress

In this months progress report you will find details of: The Tuesday Crew including a visitor, Flinston, Stanvac, Onka Valley, Control Panels and Daveyston.

Then there was our group break up BBQ and Christmas which was followed by a visit by Tom Barbalet from Model Rail Radio.

My Tuesday Crew

BJ and Chris have been along most Tuesday morning following coffee at the local shopping center.

Bill1 made it up from the deep south for one session

Thanks for your continued dedication to regularly help guys.


Chris is still wiring - this time droppers in Flinston. At least there are only half the number when compared to Hornertown.


Below the escarpment (between the LPG storage tanks and the refinery plant) is a dirt road that needed extending across the backdrop behind the packaged goods facility to later cross the tracks and come to a service building within Stanvac.

Buildings were then added behind the galvanized iron fence in front of the road.

Onka River Valley

The masking tape covering tracks during scenery work was removed in order to have some trains running during Tom Barbalet's visit. This was followed by vacuuming the tracks to remove debris from the prior scenery work. This was followed up by using my CMX for the first time - I found the CMX to be an excellent investment as two locos pushing it ahead and using MEK as the cleaner as the masking tape had been there for "some months" and it did a great job!

Control Panels

This month saw the commencement of work to complete the lower level main line control panel - a somewhat daunting task. Switches and LED's installed first and the LED's common soldering.

Then the CD bus to push button switches and then from the other push button contact to each of the toggle switches served by the push button:

Then solder the the 5 wires - Solenoid normal, solenoid reverse, LED common, Normal position LED with 1k resistor and finally the reverse position LED with its 1k resistor - oh and don't forget the shrink tubing on all three led joints to avoid shorts!, then make the "S" bend loom, cut wires to length strip and terminate on the appropriate terminal strip.

The challenge is to keep wires in sets and them sets into the loom in a tidy fashion.

Many hours of work is still required here!


Well I actually did some building kit building this month. Chris and I assembled the basic structures over two Monday construction nights. We cleaned all the flash from windows, doors, downpipes, etc and placed detail parts on double sided tape on cardboard ready for painting. It is worth mentioning that BJ & I has looked at each kit and BJ decided the best colour scheme for each building. BJ requested that all detail parts be painted by brush so as to show some variation in texture after painting to form the basis of the weather finish - I was also told don't paint every detail thoroughly leave some variation in coverage to aid the overall effect.

Then we had a air brushing day it BJ's to apply the base building colours and for him to check I'd done the detail parts painting correctly.

BJ then weathered the detail parts with "Flouqil Foundation" to remove any shine prior to me being sent away with the buildings base colour and detaiil parts to assemble without the window glass (acetate sheet) so I could return and allow BJ to complete the weathering process.

Back home to add the detail parts prior to final weathering.

Now follows the progression of each building

Duplex House



General Store

Thatched Cottage

BJ is going to had detail all the woodwork before I get this one back!

Once again I must thank all my helpers who continue to contribute towards the completion of the building component of my layout.

I wish everyone a Happy New Year and look forward to modelling in 2012.