Friday, December 3, 2010


BJ and the Monday night crew have been busy over the last couple of weeks. Wiring and scenery has continued. Some targets have been set for things to finish before the Christmas break.

BJ has been quite busy putting the finishing touches to the buildings for the residential area. Most have been fixed to its own base and become mini diorama to form the bigger picture.

Backdrop Trees
BJ has been busy with his artist brushes again.....

Commercial District Buildings
The buildings have been glued in place and the site detailing has commenced with the planting of trees and installation of footpaths and power poles.

Footpath preparation
Once the commercial district buildings had been placed footpath were cutout and painted before being glued down.

Residential Area
BJ prepared each building as its own diorama before we fixed them in place as part of Adamsville.

Bottom Level Wiring & Control Panel
Last Monday Bob and Chris installed droppers and reinstated some block and Turnout wiring around the staging approach at Lewiston Loop. On Tuesday Chris and I put together and installed two groups of six core turnout wires which consumed some 250 metres of wire. The addition of the staging areas has meant that an extra 14 turnouts to the original plan. This meant I had to devise a method of doubling up terminal strips within the control panel.

On Monday night Barry has commenced building a depot building.

Thanks guys for your continuing help and support.

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