Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Jimtown, Adamsville, Staging, Power Districts & Control Panels



BJ previously fashioned the 10mm MDF and has now applied the stippled plaster and once dried has coloured the rock face which has subsequently glued into place against the backdrop.

The backdrop has had the sky blue background applied.

Baseboard has been painted an "earthy colour" around building outlines.

Base coat has been applied to the fascia.

Depth has been added to the industrial buildings near the power station by constructing a box section behind the building facade.

Dummy industrial track installed adjacent to power station.

Cutting at Northern end of yard before industrial area.

Bridge to farm


Retaining wall behind the town buildings showing construction stages.

Trying out the building locations to get a balanced appearance.

BJ & I spend some time arranging and rearranging and rearranging but the result look pretty promising.

Proposed Street View

Addition of trees to backdrop.

BJ had some fun again.


New curved turnout installed and tracks relaid to accommodate staging lead. Bob installed the dropers on Monday night.

Power Districts

PSX's mounted on MDF.

Wiring DCC feeds prior to installation.

PM42's being removed ready for the PSX's to be installed.

Control Panels

Iron Hill and Stanvac panels are now wired and operational.

Thanks for your continuing help Guys!

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