Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Road base & Turnout Wiring

Last week I had a week off and went to see the "Masterpieces from Paris" exhibition in Canberra with my wife. With Easter Monday being a public holiday the crew had a night off anyway.

This week we had two sets of tasks one at each of two layouts Rossco's and mine. So the crew was spilt for the working session and we all gatherd at Rossco's for supper.

Road Base at Huntington

Bill 1 and BJ got to work placing some roadways down leading to the silos including crossing the arrival tracks.

Point Wiring at Stanvac Junction

Bill 2 and I did some wiring on the cross overs at Stanvac Junction. Droppers for the points and point motor wiring. The terminal strips and point motors will eventually live inside the refinery store and loading platform (still to be designed and scratchbuilt).

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