Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Good, Bad and the Ugly

Good progress in some areas!!

The Good

Control Panels for Iron Hill and Stanvac fixed to new fascia

Ross was busy last Monday fitting the new fascia to the west wall of the upper deck which has two industry locations: Iron Hill and Stanvac. My workmate Ross (as opposed to Monday Night Crew member Ross) came to see me on Wednesday and we fitted the Control Panels for both Stanvac and Iron Hill.

Huntington Fascia and Acrylic Sheet finalised

Acrylic sheet installation, behind painted fascia, to "protect layout from little prying fingers away and those grown ups who choose to lean" is finished.

Vehicles arrive in silo car parks

The Bad

Lessons - don't get caught!!

Whilst glueing the ground cover to the switching lead for the winery, steelworks and old loco coal loader some got too wet and ran away! It ran into the point motor and accessory switch - I thought I had put enough protection in place but I was wrong...

The Ugly

Drastic action was required to overhaul the "glued up switch motor" - excavation through the retaining wall.....

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