Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Crew activities this week

Wood working

Bill and Ross at work cutting up mdf for Hornertown town scene backdrops and fascia sections for Huntington.

Wiring at Jimtown

Bob and Chris doing some awkward to get at block wiring under top deck.

Sanding backdrop prior to painting

Chris sanding the filler over countersunk screws on the backdrop.

Fine tuning track work at refinery

Rossco placing copper sleepers in trackwork around my handlaid points.

My handlaid triple point.

Bridge styles decided on the Huntington Branch

Base board cut outs marked up.

Yard Office arrives at Huntington

Building, ground cover, dirt road and fences.

More ground cover and ballast to silo tracks.

More bushes added to earlier work.

Acrylic sheet installation commences to protect layout from little prying fingers away and those grown ups who choose to lean....

6mm clear acrylic sheet sandwiched to bench work behind 12mm mdf fixed through the sheet at 50mm centres.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Ground cover and trees start arriving at Huntington

Ground foam, graded gypsum, sand, etc are being applied to get the basic cover in place

Along with a few trees in strategic places

The final section of retaining wall has been added

BJ at work doing what he does better than me...

The wetting agent is applied

Followd by the glue

The end result....

Friday, March 12, 2010

Scenery work continues at Huntington

Concrete wall around turntable painted and plaster applied to higher areas above wall.

Crew quarters, sanding facility and water tower added.

Rail racks installed and painted, capping applied to retaining wall and plaster applied aove retaining wall to upper level.

Foundations for silos painted.

Plaster applied to tunnel area.