Sunday, January 24, 2010

My First Post

This is the first post about my hobby of model railroading. My current layout which is a freelance railroad and based around the operations I (and the Monday night crew) want to undertake when completed.

I have been collecting Southern Pacific gear, and other stuff, since my first layout which I started around 1980. This is my fourth layout and I have learnt a few do's & dont's in the in the last 30 years.

My first layout used commercial code 100 track and when I used finescale equipment I suffered wheelsets "falling into" frogs etc no need to say anymore.....

My second layout was mainly hand laid code 75 which progressed well until my kids came along and with a dramtically increasingly heavy work pressures reulting in me just running out of time... everything basically went into recess for 4-5 years.

My third layout in a new house utilsed a number of existing sections from layout 2 and a few pictures of Layout 3 are shown below.

Well commercial developers came along and wanted my property for a supermarket carpark and following a reasonably attractive settlement I had to find a new property to house my new layout - layout 4.

Below are schematics of the upper and lower levels of layout 4.

Le Maistre loco was built by "The Crew" whilts I was organising the relocation.

The Crew

Thre has been some movements in Le Maistre Loco which are shown in the videos below:

The Hunting Brach is also progressing...



Hope this has been interesting...



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