Tuesday, July 28, 2020

April - July

There was no modelling activities this month but we have moved back home after our temporary accommodation being extended to 26 June..  I have been looking at the damage to Huntington which I hope to address next month.


This is its current state all the moveable buildings, scenery, locos and rolling stock are in storage in the trainroom.

Roundhouse in Hornertown yard

Silos in Loco LeMaistre


The contractors re-installed but....

Tress uprooted

Despite covering it all up some were damaged


Water stains from seepage when cavity filled with water.

New Booster

Well I have the new booster!

Once the trainroom has been sorted out I will undertake the wiring changes and install it!


So much stuff got dumped by the contractors...

That's it for now so until next time.....


Monday, March 30, 2020

March Update

There was no modelling activities this month but movemet on that new booster...

House Flood

Our temporary accommodation has been extended to 30 April at this stage and repairs are still to commence.  We are just in the "queue" following all those affected by bushfires, storms and flood.

New Booster

I made another telephone call to Canada...


Progress at last!

The suppliers "Notes on Order:

Roco is in stock. We will ship when the LE-22102 arrives as requested. Should be in our August shipment.
Switched the 22102 over to the new one 22103. May be a slight price adjustment, not sure.
Upon investigation, staff told me that the 22103 had come in but it was never entered on the website and thus the two we're not put together with your order. The price is $264.95 CDN vs. the old one so I made it 259.95 CDN. Sorry for this miscommunication."

Now it is awaits customs clearance in Melbourne Australia

Australia Post most recent update:

International arrival - awaiting clearance


Date & timeTue 24 Mar • 10:59am

Well when we finally get home I will be able to install the new booster!

That's it for now so until next time.....


Friday, February 28, 2020

February Update

This month activities I built rolling stock kits and that new booster...

House Flooded

Pack out of contents now complete, building works should commence soon which will be followed by contents reinstatement.  Our temporary accommodation has been extended to 30 March.

Blue Box & MDC Kits

I have had these for decades so with not much to do I built them.  All bogies repelced with Proto 2000 bogies and meta wheels.

Each piece weighted correctly - lead shot
Each piece weighted correctly - tire weights

Coupler clip mounting drilled and tapped ten 2-56 screws installed

White glue drying

Missing part scatchbuilt

Acetate sheet added to all windows

New Cars awaiting car cards

New Booster

It is still on back order......................

I guess it is time to make another telephone call to Canada...

That's it for now so until next time.....


Monday, January 27, 2020

January Update

After Xmas my wife and I wet away for a few days and when we got home on December 30 water was running out the front door, side door and brickwork.  about a quarter of the train room carpet was squelchy under foot.  This month activities included building timber loads and that new booster... and some kits to build.

House Flooded

The backdrop to Huntington - the branch line in the AV room - has suffered some damage as the wall fixings to the brickwork allowed water to weep through from the saturated cavity and the MDF has swelled in a number of locations.

So I was getting board living in temporary apartment accommodation in the city some 45 minute drive from home so I collected some hobby stuff and continued building my timber loads - at least the main layout appears not to have been impacted but a close inspection is still required.

Looks like we will not get back home for a couple of months...

The AV room - Huntington in the background

Timber Loads

I brought some tools and materials to make timber loads, shown next to the suitcases...

The only place I could put the vice was bench above the microwave when cutting balsa

Started using the table for my modelling area
The apartment desk beomes my modelling area so I don't have to pack up everytime!
A4 printed sticky label cut and applied to balsa

Adding the dunage so forklift tynes can access bundles
 Building the stacks

Trial fit to establish how many packs in the stack

Extra stacks for industries on the layout

New Booster

It is still on back order...................... 

Blue Box & MDC Kits

I have had these sitting on the shelf for a few decades so now might be a good time to start on them.

13 in the pile...

That's it for now so until next time.....