Saturday, October 15, 2016

USA - Columbus OH - Jim & Rosslyn

Well the "train" (model and 12" to foot) related activities continues...

We drove from Indianapolis to Columbus to meet up with Matt Goodman who arranged all of our activities for the weekend.  Aaron & Teresa had lunch with us at Subway just before the commencement of activities.

Lunch at Subway   L to R    Matt - Teresa - Aaron - Rosslyn - Me 
During the afternoon and evening we visited the homes of Dave Matheny, Dick Briggs and Matt's.

Dave Matheny's layout

Rosslyn  -  Matt  -  Dave

Some nice detailing....

After an overview of the layout which was in a 13 x 11 foot room we were given the local to shunt.  14 set outs and 9 pickups was the task.  The chemical plant had derails to be operated before moving cars.  It took us two hours to do the shunt – the locos maximum speed of 15 mph without quick acceleration & braking.

And we got paid!

Thanks Dave we had a great time.

Dick Briggs’s layout

Dick’s layout is a show piece, he is a NMRA Master Modeler and has won many prizes at shows.  He has a huge basement empire and the detail was at a similar level to that BJ did when he decided to “really detail an area”.  He has been building for 20 years and still doing the scenery.  Interestingly he does not have operating sessions and rarely runs trains.

Thanks Dick it was great to see your two decades of outstanding work.

Matt’s layout

Matt is in the early stages of his layout and he is a perfectionist – all roadbed is laser leveled!
He is modelling an area where he and his dad grew up and the historical detail he has stuck up around the backdrop is very interesting.

On Sunday morning Matt picked us up just after 8am and he took us to a rendezvous point where we teamed up with some others before travelling in convoy for a couple of hours to Sugarcreek to see the Age of Steam Roundhouse. Matt’s Dad Ted, an architect, had designed then ensured the building was constructed to specification.  Joining us on the tour was CSX engineers: John Sedam; Jim Pugh & Bill Kaiser along with Alex Campbell a retired local historian, Rand Patterson who works in railroad regulation and Aron Wheeler & wife Teresa.

Age of Steam Roundhouse


We had to sign a "RELEASE TO ENTER UPON AGE OF STEAM (AoS) ROUNDHOUSE PROPERTY" and the critical clause was...

"In return for visitation rights granted to me by this Release, I agree that any and all photographs and electronic images of the AoS Roundhouse facilities made by me with any type of recording device (e.g. film or digital cameras, digital video recorders, cell phones, ipods, ipads, etc.) shall be for my own personal viewing, and that all such photographs and electronic images shall not be shared, sold, e-mailed, distributed or published in any media whatsoever, including Internet, Facebook, Twitter, websites, books, magazines,, either now or at any time in the future."

We were honoured to accompany the Ted Goodman the Architect, the Builder and a Locomotive Engineer from their workshop on a guided tour of this very nice facility.

This facility is owned by “Jerry & Laura Jacobson Foundation”.  Jerry Jacobson is a Regional Railroad owner after working as an anesthesiologist and purchasing small local railroads to achieve “Regional” status.  He has collected steam and diesel locomotives over the years.  The Roundhouse has 18 stalls and was built in 2010.


Lunch in Coshocton

We had a pleasant filling lunch at a bar and grill and listened to “Railroad Stories” from the three CSX Engineers travelling with us.

Coshocton Model Railroad Club

We were welcomed by the Club President upon arrival.  It was a wonderful experience and we spent four or was it five hours looking operating trains and taking photos/videos.  Rossco was cornered and ran trains undertaking both engineer and conductor roles with interaction to the despatcher for movements.

The club layout

Rosslyn's & Matt's train

Wow what a big day - Thanks everyone we had a great time.

We drove back to our hotel where Matt joined us for a light tea and a few drinks.

Stay tuned for the next installment!


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