Thursday, August 14, 2014

Remembering Pam - Benmoor & Waitaki River Railroad

Benmoor & Waitaki River Railroad

Roz from Oz and I wanted to let the Model Rail Radio Community where Pam got to with her layout which had been the subject of discussion from time to time since Tom visited and recorded the "South Australian Take Over Show".

It is of note that Pam had packed up the vast majority of her locomotives and rolling stock to ensure it was safe while Ros & Pam were to have there much debated trip to the US in July 2014.

City and Passenger Station

City Streets

Loco Facility

Main Yard


Steel Works

Control Panel

RIP Pam - you are sadly missed by many.


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  1. "What an endearing lady, one who could mix it with the best and make you laugh out loud. Pamela Jane you are sadly missed, as are our spirited conversations." R.I.P Dear Lady.

    "Big Fella"