Monday, December 20, 2010

Final post for 2010

Adamsville, Structures and Wiring
As the year draws to a close most targets have been achieved with the exception of completing Jimtown industrial area and township industries. The fantastic progress would not have been achieved without the tireless efforts of the Monday night crew (Barry, Bill1, Bill2, BJ, Bob, Chris, Ross and Rossco), many additional hours spent by BJ and Chris and not forgetting my old workmate Ross's efforts as well. 

This Monday night is our Christmas BBQ being hosted at Chris's.  We will be reconvening in mid January 2011.

More details added, gravel road, fences, phone booth, rail crossing signs, pedestrians, rubbish bins, street lights and more...


Arrowhead Ale
You may remember a workmate of mine 'Ross' (as opposed to Ross or Rossco from the Monday night crew) previously built some kits for me - well he has been at it again! This time he has built another Cornerstone Kit - Arrowhead Ale.

Depot Building
Barry finished off the building including adding roof flashing at the peak. This is now ready for painting at a group clinic to be run by BJ next year. Following painting the windows will be fitted.

Barry has started construction of a Conrnerstone grain elevator to complement the storage bins at Adamsville.

Chris and I have been running turnout wiring for the staging tracks and have run out, loomed, hung and tagged some 500 metres of six core. Following this "work mate Ross" and I run out the twin core feeders for the staging yard. The longest one may need a RC Network as it stretches to approx 12 metres from the booster without twisting.

Thanks guys for all of your efforts this year. It has helped me through a period of rearrangement of my personal activities.

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